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Why a light rail?

A light rail presents many advantages, including that it is fast, easy and very ecofriendly. 

Buddingevej june 2023
Buddingevej june 2023

Perspectives of the light rail

The light rail offers an easy, rapid and comfortable way to travel across Greater Copenhagen. The light rail will run every five minutes in daytime hours, with no fixed timetable, and with connections to S-trains at six stations. It will run through DTU (Technical University of Denmark), Herlev and Glostrup Hospitals, and a large number of other workplaces, shops and cultural venues.


The light rail will run in its own tracé separated from all other traffic. In intersections and a few other places like Buddingevej, the train will run in mixed traffic. Thus the light rail is a very safe means of transport. 

The light rail is an environmentally friendly way of transport compared to other transport options. One light rail train will carry around 260 passengers - equivalent to four city busses. 

With 390 light rails worldwide including 205 in Europe - the light rail is a preferred mean of transportation in urban areas.